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15 Oct 2016

While cougars dating are no longer strange today, the society still finds the topic electrifying. Speaking of a young man we are thinking of a man 10 or more years younger and for an older woman we are referring to between 40-69 years of age. The thriller on younger men meeting older women could mostly be a response to the scientific findings that for a perfect relationship, a man should be at least 3 years older. There is also the terrifying image in a younger man- older woman relationship, of the man looking more of a younger brother or perhaps a son than a partner. 


However, cougar daters have a different line of thinking. These older women want a relationship that they can have sole control over. According to them, we are no longer in those days where women were looking up on an older, strong man with the hope of some kind of protection. The number of cars and properties a man own is no longer a priority. Dating a younger man simply means that you are out to look for a companion, someone who you can hang out with and probably have some fun.


Additionally, cougars have the issue with stamina in mind. Studies show that men are sexually active in their twenties while women get to their sexual prime in their 30’s and 40’s. Definitely that makes the younger man-older woman dating a perfect match! This is obviously an advantage to the older woman’s sexual life. Additionally, these women enjoy the benefit of respect from their younger partners, something that in most cases miss in the older men-younger women relationships. A cougar do not need to present a filtered version of herself to the partner as a bargain for respect. In whichever way she presents herself, chances are her younger man will try to interpret it as “she is trying to be approachable/friendly/simple”.


Research and studies show that it is not only the cougar who find the relationship satisfying; the younger men meeting older women have been found to love it too. The fact that these cougars are more successful makes them appear more beautiful to their younger men intimate partners. These men also find it interesting relating to women who they can talk to due to their more experience in a variety of life situations. Because of this they always want to treat them (the older women) with respect so as not to look immature around them. The younger men who meet older women seem to like it when a woman is financially stable and honestly speaking, a woman is sexier when she is independent.


Another undeniable thing that attracts younger men to older women is their maturity. It is impressive how well they are able to handle issues. Younger men are also adventurers. This is true both inside and outside the bedroom. With the older women being in their sexual prime, nothing would please their younger adventures partners more than that! All these things put together concludes why cougar’ dating is likely to last longer than older man-younger woman relationship. This however doesn’t mean that cougars dating have no challenges. They are there: the younger man is likely to be inexperienced in relationships thus inadequate skills when it comes to settling conflicts and arguments. How to effectively communicate to his older woman partner might also be an issue. It would thus call for understanding from both sides for the relationship to work out.  



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