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4 Oct 2016

Love comes in different shapes and sizes, and for this case, it comes in a huge age gap. We all have different preferences, some people prefer black, some caucasian, some asian; some of the same gender, while others find themselves attracted to someone who is many years older than they are. Some people may find it odd, and judge at the back of their minds, but we all have our reasons why we fall in love for a certain person. We just have to learn to accept the fact that we have our own cup of tea, and respect other people's decisions.

These days, a lot of younger men search for cougars dating site. These men feel more comfortable conversing with older women, find great joy in impressing them, and develop a feeling of security that they will be taken more seriously by cougars. Some men prefer older women simply because they find older women "more interesting" than those women that are the same age as them.

Society has always marked cougars as "sugar mommies" because more often than not, older women who are either divorced or still single get the attention of young men by means of their success and money. As much as we would want to not consider that fact, the truth still lies to the couples. Chasing older women for cash is one of the easiest way to get both love and something to have your financial needs taken care of; same goes to the young women who search for older men. But as much as society has it's own conclusion over these kinds of relationships, some younger men really do prefer older women for reasons other than money.

The easiest way to meet older women is through online dating sites, and younger men have their own personal reasons about why they sign up to these kinds of websites. Younger men prefer cougars because of their experience, especially in sex. If we are just going to base a person's experience on their age; older men and women will probably take the lead. The older people get, the more experience they have when it comes to having sexual intercourse with partners. With this, younger men believe that older women can give them more satisfaction and sexual joy because of their sexual expertise. The older the wiser, as they say.

With the years of practice that cougars have when it comes to sexually connecting with their partners, they have known the "how to's" in satisfying their male partners. They've known a man's most sensitive part, how to tease them right, and which positions turn men on. For some men, this is a major turn on, especially because of the fact that they should continuously prove themselves better than their partner's previous lovers.

Older women also developed their own kind of confidence from these experiences. They've met a lot of people, slept with a lot of people, and have become independent throughout the years. They do not need to impress younger men anymore, but the other way around on cougars dating. Younger men also feel that older women can take care of them better, physically, sexually, and of course, financially.


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